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 . First, consider potential two factors that may affect your heart rate, and prepare two level conditions (Low condition and High condition) for each factor. For example, posture (sitting or standing) and workload (no workload and walking for 3 minutes) may be two potential factors. (10 points) 2. Write your statistical hypotheses (Null and Alternative) and explain them. (10 points) 3. Construct a design of experiment for your two factors and five replicates. (15 points) 4. Conduct your experiment and obtain your original data for all replications in random order. Take a picture of your data collection sheet and include it in the report appendix. (10 points) 5. Input the data properly into excel for 2 way ANOVA analysis. (10 points) 6. Construct graphs that compares heart rate in your Factor-A, Factor-B, and their interaction. Visually inspect them and write your findings about the three graphs. (15 points) 7. Analyze the obtained data by Two-way ANOVA method in Excel. Interpret the P-value, and state which hypothesis your data supports. (15 points) 8. Interpret the analysis result in terms of cardiovascular system. Why do your factors significantly (or not significantly) affect the measurement of your heart rate? Write a half page essay based on our lecture slides, textbooks or internet sources. Give your references. ( 

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