Select two ideologies from among the ideologies we have covered or will cover during this course. (Liberalism and Conservatism)

Compare and contrast the two ideologies in an essay format which includes an explanation of each individual ideology, both from a historical perspective and from an emerging perspective describing their impact on the current global political climate. Be sure to consider each ideology's view of freedom with reference to the triadic model of freedom and also with reference to the four functions of an ideology

This paper should be no longer and no shorter than 3-5 pages in length.  The five pages does include the title page and resources cited page.

Your facts within the body of the paper should be well cited. Do NOT plagiarize. You will have to use the 3-5 pages efficiently to get your point across, and that is one of the points of this writing assignment. This is an exercise in direct and concise writing. 

Your paper should follow a formal format (you may follow APA or MLA) which includes a title page, a reference page, and the text should be double spaced.

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