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each student will write a term paper that discusses the challenges of ethical 

leadership. Students should demonstrate firm, well-supported conclusions about appropriate responses to 

these challenges. Students ethical self-awareness, particularly as a leader, should be demonstrated. 

Regardless of solutions offered, students should demonstrate abilities to recognize, understand, apply and 

evaluate different ethical, moral perspectives and concepts. 

Papers  must include appropriate references (Wikipedia may be used as long as such references are held to a minimum and clearly identified).  Papers should be at least 1,500 words. They should be double-spaced, and all margins should measure at least one inch.  All papers should be typed, should be free of typographical 

errors and be representative of the high-quality thinking and writing expected of college students.  Selected type face should be standard and easy-to-read such as Times New Roman or Arial.  The point size for all text must be 12.  At least ten different references should be cited for each paper and should be presented in a 

format consistent with MLA or APA.

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