“I Just Came Here To Find A Husband”


Read through all the articles.




a.) Why did Ayanna Evans create her performance piece “I Just Came Here To Find A Husband”? What was her specific intention? Cite from provided resources.

b.) APPLY Richard Schechner’s definition of restored behavior to Ayanna’s performance piece. What restored behaviors does Ayanna perform as part of the piece? Be specific and detailed in your response--describe what Ayanna is doing in terms of her physical activities, bodily actions/movements/feelings/responses.

c.) What was the efficacy of Ayanna's performance? In other words, what power did her performance have to make something happen in the world? Did her performance produce a specific response? Did something new or unexpected happen as a result of performance? Did her performance bring about new understandings, feelings, beliefs, and/or ideas?  What stayed the same and/or what changed?

d.) What are the consequences of Ayana Evans' PERFORMANCE of “finding a husband”? Another way of thinking about this is, why does her performance matter in the world

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