Use the Potential Food column in the table above to identify the potential foods that could be in the sample. Explain your predictions below.


4. Were the solutions in Trial A and Trial B hypertonic, hypotonic, or isotonic to the cell you modeled? Explain your answer and be sure to include data to support your response. 


7. How were the two trials different? How were they similar? Explain your answer with supporting data from your investigation.


8. What do you think will happen if you keep the “Solute Outside” variable the same across two trials but vary the “Initial Cell Volume” percentages? Why?

 9. Does this match your prediction? Why or why not? 


10. What other combinations can you test using this simulation?


11. What assumptions does the simulation make about a cell? Would a red blood cell behave in a similar way? What about a plant cell? Explain your answer.

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    HW-2239 Cell Structure Lab

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