Humanity paper


Please write a short essay (about 750 words) on the following question.

We are considering the role of the individual in society and toward God by looking at the myths of Faust and Don Juan. Select any of the works that we have read or discussed and show how you think that particular work is connected to the historical period in which it is produced. For example:

  • you might think about the genre of the work (drama? Volksbuch? Opera? Song? Lithograph?) and why the author/creator chooses that genre.
  • you might think about contemporary historical trends or changes (inventions of new technologies, changes in access to education, new forms of entertainment)
  • you might think about religion (does the work reflect any concern with contemporary religious beliefs or religious quarrels?)

In your answer, I am looking for connections to the coursework we have done. You should address two topics in your example:

  • provide a brief description of the historical period (e.g., you could mention artworks, literary works, political events, powerful institutions, important figures) in which your chosen work was created.
  • show how your chosen work fits in with the historical period

Go through your notes and glance at your chosen work again. The goal is to show that you have learned something from the course—not that you can do research!

Please remember that spelling and grammar count!

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