Hsm 400


Agency is (child protection and family services) 

Review the services provided by that agency that you have selected for your Final Project. Then, find three peer-reviewed journal articles that examine the needs of people being served by the agency you are using for your final project. Use the information in the peer-reviewed journal articles to create a Summary Table.

Part B:
Identify two sampling techniques (Cluster Sampling, Convenience Sampling, Muiltistage Sampling, Purposive Sampling, Quota Sampling, Snowball Sampling, Stratified Random Sampling, Purposive Sampling, and Systematic Sampling) you could use to find participants for your study. Then, select the sampling technique you believe will be best suited for your study and explain why.

  • Your assignment should be between 250-325 words in length (typically, one to one and half double-spaced pages), not counting cover page, reference list page, appendices, figures, or tables. 
  • Your assignment should include a title page and a reference list page (if using references), and be completed in Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, with appropriate header, page numbers, one-inch margins, and meet all other requirements of APA Stylebook. 
  • One reference is required. Please format them in the most current APA format. 
  • Please refer to the rubric associated with this assignment for detailed guidance about expectations and grading. 
  • Please submit this assignment through Assignments in D2L by 11:59PM Central Time on Sunday.

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