HS 2200 Social Welfare



The Globalization of Social Work
Answer the questions below.

1. International social workers work on a global level and play a key role in improving quality of life for: 

☐ victims of persecution or war

☐ school children only

☐ single parents 

☐ none of these apply

2. Social welfare practice internationally focuses on __________. 

☐ Community concerns 

☐ Problems between nations

☐ Issues within related people

☐ State laws

3. Politics, religion and ethnicity play a part in __________ that contributes to becoming a global village. 

☐ Politics 

☐ world citizenship

☐ Religion

☐ Ethnicity

4. The chapter discusses human rights and the rights of children. Many children across the world are forced to work in dangerous unhealthy environments. Many are also: __________. 

☐ never adopted

☐ treated well

☐ Cared for very well

☐ Sold

5. What does MDGs stand for: 

☐ Main Duty Getaway

☐ Millennium Development Goals

☐ Main Dignity Goods

☐ None of these apply

6. How do immigrants receive lawful entry? 

☐ Not crossing into the United States

☐ Temporary admission

☐ Paying for it

☐ None of these apply

7. Some immigrants leave their country due to fear of __________. 

☐  persecution

☐ making poor choices

☐ making less money

☐ None of these apply.

8. It is important that HHS workers have a __________ perspective as they might be required to assist clients in need from other countries. 

☐ global social welfare perspective

☐ solid goal

☐ keen and organized

☐ none of these apply

9. Many people on the continent of __________ are in need of social welfare services as it has some of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS. 

☐ Africa

☐ North America

☐ Asia

☐ None of these apply

10.  U.S Government agencies perform services to Americans visiting abroad as well as the local population. __________. 

☐ True

☐ False 


Critical Thinking Questions
Answer the questions below.


11. On an international level, social welfare focuses on the study of social problems among nations. Identify five examples of problems that international social welfare works to resolve.

a. Type answer here

b. Type answer here

c. Type answer here

d. Type answer here

e. Type answer here

12. Identify some human rights abuses that children in foreign countries might face and explain why it is important to create international laws to protect the rights of children. 

Type answer here

13. Refugees are people who leave a country due to an extremely serious, dangerous situation and relocate to the safe haven of a different country. Explain some challenges that refugees might face when they try to escape their situation to move to another country.

Type answer here


Reflect on what you have learned this week to help you respond to the question below.  You may choose to respond in writing or by recording a video!

14. Immigration continues to be a controversial topic in the United States today. Table 16.4 (in your textbook) describes the ways that immigrants contribute to the U.S. economy. Others argue that immigrants are a drain on the U.S. welfare system and resources. In your opinion, should the same eligibility criteria for welfare assistance be used for both immigrants and U.S. born citizens? Explain your answer.  

Type answer here

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