HRM335(Employment Law)


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 WRITING GUIDELINES a. The report should not be more than 3 pages (Including Title page, Essay, and References) b. The report should have a nice title page containing all the required information such as the Assignment title, university logo, course name, section number, and name and ID of the student. c. Late submission will lead to the deduction of 20% marks per day. d. Writing Guidelines: Paper size: A4, Line Spacing: 1.15, Page Margins: Normal all sides, Font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12 for text, 14 for headings, and 13 for subheadings. e. In the report, references must be cited for the work from other sources. Plagiarized reports will get zero grade. Since a copy of the report will be submitted on LSM through Urkund, the plagiarism will be automatically checked. PLAGIARISM: Plagiarism will not be accepted. If proved, the student will not get any grades for the project and will be subject to disciplinary action as per university policy. Plagiarism may take several forms, for example: • Copying, in whole or in part, from printed or other sources without acknowledgment • Paraphrasing material (stating something in different words) without acknowledging the source. • Not acknowledging the source of ideas, even when they are put in your own words. • Copying materials from internet sites or other electronic media without acknowledgment. • Directly quoting another’s work without acknowledgment. • Submitting work written in whole or in part by others • Submitting statistical information or other facts reported by another without due acknowledgment. • Taking phrases or terms from some source without acknowledgment. • Self-plagiarism’ - submitting work that has already been submitted in another course • Using unpublished materials or summarizing another person’s work without appropriate referencing. • Copying from another student’s work. • Cutting and pasting from sources without acknowledgment 

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