How tolerance and diversification does impact employee motivation (6500 word)



The report should include:

1. Research Topic: the people, place and phenomenon for research.  

2. Research Question: What are you investigating about this topic? What do you want to find out? 

3. Literature review: who wrote what about your topic? What are your inputs into it?

4. Artwork: present and promote your artwork.

5. Analyze of your artwork and topic. 

6. Summary (Moving forward what more information would you like to know for future research? What would you do differently if you had to do this project again?) 

7. I attached an picture for the art work which you need to write about it related to the telerance in the work and how does it affect the employee motivation 

Bibliographic Sources 

Your project requires a minimum of 5 sources (for the entire report). 

At least one of the sources must be from an Academic Journal (also known as a “peer-reviewed journal” and a book). You cannot use Wikipedia as a reference. 

Your project needs to include

• Format: APA style. 12pt font- Times New Roman, black ink, double spaced, normal margins. 

• Your interview and/or observation notes. Additionally, if you include photographs, please label them accordingly. 

· Approximately 6 to 7000 words total including references.

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