How to make a great PowerPoint presentation?


Power point is a feature provided by an operating system which enables a user to summarize his or her documentation job in bullet points rather than in paragraphs. These points consist of the meaning and sense of the matter written in paragraphs. These highlight the basic ideas written in long paragraphs in short bullet points. The tips to make an attractive power point presentation are:

• Selection of a theme: A theme is the most attractive part of a power-point presentation which is either single or a combination of colors or design templates.
• Keeping audience in mind: While making points it is essential to always keep the audience in mind like their interest, knowledge about the subject, focus and what they want to know. To get them indulged in the presentation, they should be asked questions.
• Straight and simple points: The bullet points should be simple and precise to convey more messages using lesser words.
• Consistency: There should be consistency in all slides regarding font size and line spacing. 

• Conclusion: There should be a concluding statement after a presentation which can convey the right message to the audience and which should be based on all the points of views and data presented.
• Contrast: The color contrast should be used in the background and the font color.

 • Create strong writing for attracting attention, sometimes they can suggest better help. 

  • Use of Audio or Video: The use of audio and video should be appropriate according to the chosen subject of the power-point. It can be effective and can make a mass appeal at times.
• Graphics and images can be useful in emphasizing the key points. But use of animations should be done in a fair manner and should be avoided sometimes such as in the board meetings.


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