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Answer the following essays on your own.

For your final exam, choose one company from the list of four (NFLX; SBUX; WYN; RLH) and complete the questions below: (note: if you did a case on it, you cannot select it)

-Netflix (NFLX)
-Starbucks (SBUX)
-Wyndam Worldwide Corp (WYN)
-Red Lyon Corp (RLH)

Submit in one document here by Thursday 5/16 at noon.

Essay One    3 points

Provide basic background information about this company. Critique the mission and vision statements of this company using the tools and techniques presented in this class.  Conversely, if they do not have either of these tools, suggest a sample mission and sample vision statement for this company then critique each. Include an analysis of their current goals.

Essay Two    4 points

Create a brief problem statement for this company.  Next, conduct a SWOT analysis for them including as many of the PESTEL external factors and internal factors as possible in your assessment. Based on your analysis suggest three strategies they could pursue to more firmly establish their competitive position.  Be sure to define the strategy and provide an appropriate example for this particular company.

Essay Three   3 points

If you were a strategic consultant presenting the above analysis to the company, what advice would you offer? Attached are two examples of exemplary work that include additional sections that were previously assigned other terms. Please review for guidance.

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