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Question 1: 

Write an essay of 1.5pages discussing IAM in a federated cloud application. 

Use the five paragraph format. Each paragraph must have at least five sentences. Include 3 quotes with quotation marks and cited in-line and in a list of references. Include an interesting meaningful title.

Need a 1.5 pages APA format paper.

Question 2:

Adaptive human agents can create multivariate, multidimensional events. This means that any two events are probably not precisely the same. In the absence of detailed, acturial data, how can a security officer calculate risk? Use facts and examples to support your response.

Need 2 different papers on the above mentioned topic of 1.5 page each. Total 3 pages.

Queston 3:

Briefly answer the following questions. Use facts and examples to support your position. Use APA style for any references.

When you deliver risk ratings for your organization, you must use the organization's risk preferences instead of your own risk preferences. This is because risk assessment is for finding the organization's risk tolerance and not your personal risk tolerance.

1. What is the risk posture for each individual system as it contributes to the overall riskposture of the organization?

2. How does each attack surface add up to a system's particular risk posture? These include capabilities, methods and goals of any protections, particularly in the presence of an active threat agent.

3. In addition, how do all the systems' risk sum up to an organization's computer security risk posture?

Need 2 different papers on the above mentioned topic of 1.5 page each. Total 3 pages.

Question 4:

Find a company that is struggling. Where is it in the positioning matrix? Could the company be more successful if it changed any of its Ps (e.g., to head to the lo-lo-lo-lo or hi-hi-hi-hi cells)?

Need a 1.5 pages APA paper.

Total 6 different papers of 9 pages

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