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Answer the following questions based on Chapter 5 of Tuten, T. L. & Solomon, M. R. (2018). Social Media Marketing (3rd ed.):

  1. What are social media tactics?
  2. Why should a social media strategy be based on an experience? Describe a social media brand experience that you found engaging. What characteristics of the experience made it effective?
  3. Describe four tactics marketers use to achieve experience strategies and note the related zone(s) of social media.
  4. Why should brands develop hygiene, hub, and hero content?
  5. What are the components of a content strategy document? How is this different from a content calendar?
  6. What are the benefits of a defined social media workflow?

 Answer the questions based on Chapter 5 of Van Dijck, J. (2013). The Culture of Connectivity: A critical history of social media. (1st ed.). Oxford University Press.

  1. Briefly discuss the technological infrastructure of Flickr and what were its major concerns?
  2. What type of users were attracted to Flickr and what was their main usage of the site?
  3. Compare and contrast the sharing and trending concept of Flickr to Facebook and Twitter. Do you think Flickr would be in the same ranks as Facebook and Twitter if it had the same sharing and trending concept as these two platforms?
  4. What type of content did Flickr store in its database and what type of users were attracted to this content?
  5. Name and briefly discuss one of the struggles of Flickr's ownership structure.
  6. What was the main problem of Flickr's governance?
  7. What kind of business model did Flickr embrace and why did this model prove to be ineffective?
  8. What do you think is the most important lesson learned from Flickr's demise?
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