The ability to translate the cultural information we are learning to audiences outside of our own classroom will prove essential for your careers. As such, this assignment asks you to choose a creative format to summarize the third section of the textbook (Chapters 8-12) based on your own personal and/or professional goals. For instance, you might choose to write a business memorandum, create a powerpoint presentation, pen an op-ed for a newspaper, create a blog post online, edit a video, record a podcast, build a website, or more! The idea is to take the content from our intercultural communication class, and apply it to an outside context (such as your major/career path/life goals).

Regardless of what sort of project you choose to create, your assignment should include two concepts from each of the chapters in Section 3 of the textbook. You should find a way to creatively incorporate these concepts into your own professional context. This assignment takes the place of a traditional exam, so the expectations are high for a well-designed piece. Please see the rubric below.

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