To complete this assignment:

1. Watch the above video (Links to an external site.).  Also found at:  https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/22/watch-nasas-first-video-of-a-mars-landing-with-rover-perseverance.html: 

2. Innovation Worksheet-1.docx Preview the documentthe attached worksheet.

3. Answer the questions in the worksheet about the Mars Rover Perseverance to the best of your independent ability. (~2-3 pages of writing). Each response should be 150-200 words per question. Responses less than 150-200 words do not receive credit.

4. Submit (upload) your document to this assignment. It must be in a Word document. Submissions not in a Word document do not receive credit. This assignment is scored 100% if you complete ALL of the requirements or 0% if you miss any of the requirements. 

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