Introduction Outline and Observing Emotional Competence

Instructions: Use a colored font to respond in your own words to the questions below. Upload your completed handout to the appropriate location on CC. See syllabus for deadlines.

Introduction Outline 

1) Using the inverted triangle organization, provide a brief outline of the Introduction section of your Observation Report (okay if this response is similar to your lab partner’s). 

a. Introduce the topic (1-2 sentences) 

b. Give a bullet-pointed overview of the articles you’ve selected so far, providing rationale for your research question and hypotheses (~2-3 sentences/bullets per article x 2-3 articles). 

c. State your broad research question and specific hypotheses (okay if this is not 100% finalized yet, but you should have a general idea by now). 

Observing Emotional Competence 

2) Briefly explain each of the three specific aspects of emotional competence. 

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