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For the first part of this case study,  I created a case study that I find out the backstory for. We’ll be tracking the first 10 years of life in this case, while relating it back to class content and information that you may find out from your own exploration of the material. 


I created a case study through: https://www.random.org/dice/

This is the case study I created 

 Summary of our child: Riley is the infant's name. Her parents planned to have baby Riley. Baby Riley was born with a rare neurodevelopmental disorder called Rett Syndrome. Riley’s parents are concerned that Riley will start experiencing changes in her development after she turns 6 months. Her parents are worried she will have intellectual disability, possible seizures, and could even suffer from heart problems. 

 Gender: Female Racial/Ethnic Group: Caucasian Parents’ Age Range: 20-34 years old Marital Status of parents: Married Preterm or full term birth? Full term Financial status: Middle class 

 Here, you found out about the case study’s gross and fine motor milestones, and how “on time” they were. Create a small timeline below with what their gross and fine motor milestones would look like given their milestone status and age. Also, consider the health of the baby. If there is a developmental delay, please consider how this may affect some milestones. Lastly, also consider whether a child may “catch up” to their peers across time. For example, if a child at 2 years of age may be a little behind in gross motor skills, but then catches up by the time they are 5.  

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