1.  Freedom of religion is a cherished right for all Americans and memorialized in the First Amendment to the US Constitution. Discuss, analyze, and evaluate the role of religion in the American colonies. (Hint:  Be sure to address New England, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.)

2. The American colonies, like our nation today, were diverse.  The colonists overcame this diversification in the 18th Century to unite and fight the British in the American Revolution.  My lectures emphasized five elements of unification in the 18th Century.  After identifying all five elements with a brief description of each, select the two elements that you consider the most critical to unifying the colonists. Analyze and assess these two elements to explain why you have selected these two elements as the most significant. 


1. Start with a thesis statement for each question

2. Three, well-developed paragraphs is the max.

3. No quotes are needed to earn an A but if you do use them, then footnotes are required

4. Use evidence from my lectures and the textbook only---no outside sources

5. Be specific in your use of evidence and analysis

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