Design the physical security requirements for a privately owned single story distribution center (warehouse for various retail goods). This question requires you to incorporate all the major points from the course reading and discussions: physical design, CPTED, physical security, barriers, locks, lighting, IDS, entry control, and CCTV/recording.

The research project presentation must have a minimum of 12 slides with extensive speaker notes (bottom of each slide).

Mandatory Project Format (sequence and specific headings):

Slide 1: Title slide (similar to an APA title page - title, name, date, etc., but no running head) 

Slide 2:  Introduction (do not forget to introduce your project)

Slide 3 (and as needed): Body of your project (various physical security elements to be included in and around the building

Conclusion Slide: Include your final conclusions

References Slide: 8-10 references are highly recommended and need to be in proper APA format

As a basis for your physical security requirements, ensure you incorporate standards, guidelines, best practices and/or other resources that are properly cited via in-text citations and references. Superior projects that receive high scores will include numerous standards and guidelines, etc. (particularly those from ASIS, other organizations, and government sources).

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