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Part FIVE:  Paraphrasing and Citation Practice (25 points)
1. For one source, copy/print out one page of text from a relevant secondary source.
2. On that page, highlight a specific passage of information that you think contributes to understanding your topic.  Select a passage between twenty-five (25) and fifty (50) words long.
3.  On a separate page, rewrite each passage in your own words and properly cite each one with a Turabian/Chicago footnoteFor further help on paraphrasing, consult the linked page here
This assignment will be evaluated on the quality your choice of information to be used and your use of your own language. 
4. Submit your assignment at the beginning of class on the date listed in the schedule for each paper, in the proper presentation format : (1) a title page followed by (2) a page numbered "1" with your own paraphrasing of the selected passage and its citation as a footnote at the bottom of the page;  (3) a page numbered "2" (followed if necessary by more pages sequentially numbered) showing your current pre-bibliography; (4) a copy of the page from the selected secondary source with the original passage highlighted or underlined. 

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