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Answer the following question in a five to six [5-6] page essay.  Type your essay, and double space it, and use 12 font or the equivalent.  MLA and using only reliable and scholarly Sites.   

Final Exam Essay: Which era’s events and developments had the largest impact on the course of American history, and which era’s events and developments had the least impact?  You may choose from: the Great Depression, the World War II era, the 1950s, the 1960s, or the 1970s.  If you choose any other era without explicit written permission from the TAs or the professor, it will not count.  Here are issues you should consider in answering this question: economic events and/or developments; political events and/or developments; legal events and/or developments; events and/or developments in foreign policy; events and/or developments in terms of race, gender, and/or social class.  You need to make an argument that answers the question I’ve asked directly.  You need to defend all of your arguments with evidence.  You need to be as thorough as possible.  You need to show us that you’ve thought about U.S. history in meaningful ways. 

Here are a few additional [or reiterated] hints:

  • Present a clear argument right away that answers the question directly
  • Take up ALL of the hints and guidelines provided in the question 
  • Include an introduction and conclusion
  • Always explain and defend your arguments – don’t assume your reader will automatically know what you’re talking about
  • Always provide evidence for your arguments using material from the lectures and/or the textbook
  • Write in paragraphs -- and in each paragraph present your purpose, your evidence and your explanation of that evidence
  • Be thorough and convincing – make sure you're always either presenting your argument, providing evidence for it, or explaining how your evidence relates to your argument

  • Write as clearly and as directly as you can
  • Make sure to include materials from the textbook and from the lectures
  • do not take material directly from another source without crediting that source
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