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Quiz 3 from The American Spirit. Write an essay (at least three paragraphs) choosing one of the questions. Read the document and base the essay on the document (not the paragraph in italics which is the 21st century editor’s commentary). There are three choices, pick one. 

1. Why did Congress resist the Treaty of Versailles? Are you able to see these attitudes today? (Chapter 29, section F, pp. 566-570)

2. What is Theodore Roosevelt saying in 1915 regarding immigration versus what Randolph Bourne said in 1916? Has anything changed in the last 100 years? Which view appeals to you and why? (Chapter 30, section A1-2, pp. 575-577)

3. Why did the Supreme Court say that women were different from men in 1908 and then in 1923 say that they were equal? (Chapter 30, section D2-3, pp. 589-591)

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