History of Michigan  select one of the following questions to research, and write an in-depth detailed research paper.

1. Explain the relationship between the French, the British, and the Native Americans (especially the Anishnabeg nations) in the fur trade as it was practiced in Michigan between the early seventeenth century and 1800. What were the political consequences of that trade for each of these groups? Support your answer with examples drawn from your readings.

2. Michigan is unique among the US states for its extensive and navigable waterways—both natural and man-made. Examine the importance of transportation in general and these waterways in particular for the development of Michigan’s economy in the nineteenth century. How was use of the waterways connected to the spread of industry in Michigan? Support your answer with examples drawn from your readings.

3. Explain the role of Michigan in the Civil War. Pay special attention in your answer to the emergence of the Michigan Republican Party, the role of the antislavery movement, the growth of the Underground Railroad, and the organization of the armed forces in the state. Support your answer with examples drawn from your notes and your readings.

4. For almost the past hundred years the automotive industry has dominated Michigan’s economy. How and why did the industry establish itself in Michigan, and what have been its effects--positive and negative--on the state’s history from the early twentieth century to the present? Support your answer with examples drawn from your readings.

The results of your research must be presented in the form of a written research paper. The research paper must include a title page, table of contents, and bibliography using the American Psychological Association Style Format (APA Format). The contents of your paper must include topic section headings as you transition from presenting one central idea to another central idea.

Your written paper should be no less than 10 pages typed double spaced (double spaced between paragraphs and major topic headings) and no more than 25 pages. While you will not be graded necessarily on length of paper, you will be graded on quality of information, accuracy, and thoroughness of covering the topic of the concept you have chosen. A rubric showing how the paper will be graded is in the syllabus.

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