By the end of this session, students will be able to:

· Describe the character of early French colonization in North America.

· Explain why the early New England colonies were characterized by greater social stability than both the southern and middle colonies.

· Explain the ways in which the legacy of the Reformation shaped the settlement of Puritan New England, Quaker Pennsylvania, and French Canada.

· Compare and contrast relations between white settlers and Native Americans in New England, the Middle colonies, the South, the Spanish Southwest, and French Canada.


Read Chapter 3 in American: Past and Present by Robert Divine and view the Chapter 3 Power Point.


Helpful Web sites:

Salem Witch Trail

Colonial Williamsburg 

Puritan New England 


A. Read Chapter 3 in American: Past and Present by Robert Divine and answer the following questions.

1. Assess the transformation the American colonies underwent between 1650 and 1720. Did all of the colonies experience the same changes?

2. Describe the influence of Puritanism in New England society in the 1600’s.

3. Compare and contrast the social and economic life in 17th century New England with that of the Chesapeake colonies.

4. What was mercantilism and how did it shape the economic and political relationship between England and her colonies?

5. What were the origins and characteristics of slavery in British North America in the 17th century?

B. Read the hyperlinked article and respond to one of the questions.

Salem Revisited 

-What were the reasons the author attributes to the "unusual" behavior of the young women?

-What factors drove Salem elders to make the decision they made?

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