HIS-200 Historical research


Nat Turner's Rebellion

Add an introduction to the attached and follow the below criteria:

Introduction: In this section of your essay, you will introduce your readers to the historical event you selected. Specifically, you should: 

A. Provide a brief overview of your historical event. For instance, what background information or context does the reader of your essay need? 

B. Based on your research question, develop a thesis statement that states your claim about the historical event you selected. Your thesis statement should be clear, specific, and arguable, as it will give direction to the rest of your essay. 

**Research Questions:

Could it have been that the slaves stirred Turner’s decision of murder? My curiosity is led by the incidence of this slave’s return to become of service to his master as directed by the ‘Spirit’. In his personal account, Turner talked about escaping to the woods for thirty days before being instructed to return and serve his master. Upon getting there, the slaves were not pleased at seeing him and his reason displeased them. According to Turner, they dissuaded his sense and told him off for his return. In the subsequent days, Turner saw blood visions, which he translated to be a sign for murder. Though he failed to mention any contribution by the slaves, could have their comments pushed him to thinking in the manner that he did?

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