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I'm needing help on this assignment.

I have attached documents of what the assignment is. You interview, with questions and then turn it into a paper.

Here's some notes:


1. Select the right person to interview. You will want to choose someone who has something to say and who is able to articulate it. Make sure your person is willing to give the interview.

2. Identify a focus for your interview. You cannot find out everything about someone in an interview, and it would be a mistake to try.  You want to get a good story, which means you need to mold that story through the questions you ask.

3. Research the person you are interviewing and research the subject of the interview. As the interviewer, you need to know as much as you can about the person you will be talking to, and you need to be an expert on the topic. Interesting conversations are two-way exchanges. [Note: You can get information about people by Googling them or by asking others about them.]

4. Carefully craft the questions you will ask. Here are the four key qualities of good interview questions: 1) the questions are informed (because you prepared ahead); 2) they are focused; 3) they are interesting; and 4) they are open-ended (they cannot be answered in a single word or phrase).

To get started frame your questions around the elements of culture:

· Heritage

· Beliefs and values

· Traditions

· Expression, including:

· Art and symbols

· Music and dance

· Language

· Food

· Clothing and style

· Literature and texts

Now that your interview has been accomplished, there is one more step: sharing what you’ve discovered with others. Now you get to take the information from the interview and combine it with your research to create a report or presentation that others can enjoy and from which they can learn. Here is what you will do:

1. Transcribe (listen to and take notes from) your recording of the interview. Specifically, you are looking for interesting and quotable statements that fall under your focus for conducting the interview in the first place.

2. Decide on the focus or spin of the presentation. What do you want to get across about the person you interviewed and his or her subculture? What was most interesting about the person’s experiences in the subculture? Before you wrote your questions you decided this, but after the interview, your opinion might have changed.

3. Decide how to present your information. What is the most logical way to organize it? Think of your report as telling a story. What story do you want to tell about the person and his or her subculture? It is unlikely that the interview followed a logical sequence, so you will need to re-sequence the events to tell a logical story.

4. Select the quotations from the interview that you will work into the story.

Put your main points in the most effective order.This will set you up to complete the unit project assignment.

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