Help with 123 Results Assignment


Instructions:  Demonstrate your plan for graphically presenting data gathered. 

Note this is not the analysis of data; simply reporting. 

Include the following:

1. A brief description of the problem statement and research question. Include details on the participants, purpose, etc. from the Methodology chapter.  It is imperative you describe your study (i.e., state your P/S and research question again) as succinctly as possible to give the reader an idea of what you were trying to accomplish.

2. The collection of data.  In this section, provide details of how you collected your data (a pre- survey/ briefing/post-survey,) and data collected (added attachment). 

3. Answer the following questions: How will you report the data? What graphics will you use?  Include at least four graphics, such as a table, chart, or graph that Also, include at least four paragraphs of narrative to explain what you are presenting (without analysis).  Include a title page and APA references.

Please note the attachments for the required info. 


Quality of Content (80 Points)

___/40:  Paper includes information about the study and purpose of the study (along with specifics from the methodology chapter for collecting data) and actual data (from your data collection tool).

___/40:  Paper includes graphics (charts, graphs, tables) and a narrative to explain and organize findings based on data. 

Quality of Writing (20 Points)

___/5:  Format – Text meets APA/MSE standards.

___/5:  Organization – Organization of paper demonstrates critical thinking.  (Paper contains cover page, introduction, conclusion, headings, and effective transitions).

___/5:  Precision – Student uses terminology and writes clearly and concisely.

___/5:  Mechanics – Student spells, constructs sentences, and punctuates correctly.

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