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The student is required to submit 2 one page current event opinion papers during the course of the semester. These papers shall briefly summarize and provide the student's opinion on a current news story of economic, political or social significance. It does not have to relate to course material being covered at the time. Each paper is worth 25 points for a total of 50 points, or 5% of your grade. The first Opinion Paper is due with Unit 5 by midnight Sunday September 30, 2018. The second Opinion Paper is due with Unit 10 by midnight Sunday November 4, 2018.

You can use news stories from your local media or visit one of the Internet news services and locate a news story.  I recommend because it is not as biased as some of the other Internet news services, but your preference will be fine.  Write a one page summary, including your opinion and send it and the news story to your instructor via the D2L Assignments feature link in the Assessments area of our home page. Be sure to save your paper as a rich text document (rtf) or docx  or pdf with the title "lastnameOpinionPaper". 

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