This paper must be 3 typed pages in length, double-spaced with one- inch margins.Please find in Youtube:  Crime 360 – The Shooting Party (season 2 episode 3 – 44:58 minutes) the following questions based on information from the textbook and the video:Summarize what happened in the case?  The who, why, what, when and how.What are the first officer responsibilities when responding to a crime?What actions should be taken to secure a crime scene?In a death investigation, what might officers encounter during a preliminary death investigation?What physical evidence is found by the police?What was discovered at the autopsy?Because one of the victims had a gun when he died, what is a possible legal defense the suspect(s) might use?What evidence did the detectives discover to make arrests? According to the lead detetctive - how many suspects were charged with this case and what were the charges?What is the lucky buckeye?


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