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You will now write a 3-4 (3 page minimum) essay that reports, or informs readers about a particular topic.  For this reporting assignment, only you will do the research and interview a minimum of 2 people.  No other sources will be used in this paper (please note:  do not use a research paper and add in 2+ personal interviews). In preparation for the interviews, you will want to think of what information you want to know. Make a list of interview questions. Record the interviews, take careful notes, or interview via email. Keep in mind:  you can choose any topic of interest to you. You might choose to investigate perceptions of the crisis in the Middle East, the cost of college textbooks, the hardship of single parenting, etc.You will consult Chapter 8, Reporting Information, in FG as you compose your essay, which contains sample reporting essays, key features of a reporting essay, and a guide to writing a reporting essay. The final draft will be submitted in MLA format.

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