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Consider the following scenario: 

You have just been hired on as a new medical coding instructor at Hemingway College. Your program director at the college has asked you to fill in for the Introduction to ICD-10-PCS instructor. The program director informs you that the topic will be teaching the students in that session is ICD-10-PCS structure, format and table conventions. The program director tells you that the specific session that you will be teaching should meet the following objectives:

* Demonstrate how to build and apply the structure of the ICD-10-PCS.

* Demonstrate how to assign accurate codes for the ICD-10-PCS.

For this assignment, you are tasked with creating the material you would use to teach the students the two objectives. You can create and present the assignment using a Powerpoint Presentation.

By completing this assignment, you will be demonstrating that you know how to build and apply the structure of the ICD-10-PCS and that you can assign accurate codes for the ICD-10-PCS.

There is no minimum length for this assignment, but your assignment must be long enough to fully cover topic.

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