Respond to the following in a 5-6 page APA-style paper. Submit (at least two pages of your assignment) to the writing center for feedback, address the feedback given. When one piece of feedback is addressed you may then submit it to the instructor using the Dropbox. Your document should be in a Word document format (.doc or .docx).


If you have not done so already (per Week 1’s discussion forum), this is an opportunity to peruse the Antioch library databases, such as ProQuest or Business databases. Find and read a total of five articles by one or more of the following management authors:

  • Mary Parker Follett
  • William Kahn
  • Hillel Schmid
  • Darlyne Bailey
  • Peter Senge
  • Al Guskin

Choose three management concepts to analyze. Your analysis should include the following sections: 

  • Describe the concept
  • Apply the concept to an organization
  • Give examples
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