HEALTH STRATEGIES Discussion (Please answer questions at the bottom) APA format



There are different kinds of behavior as follows:

a. Decision-based behavior-one makes a conscious decision-making process

to start stealing, drinking, etc.

b. One-time behavior- one engages in this behavior only one time-e.g. having

a vasectomy, etc.

c. Routine behavior or habit-regularly done habit without conscious

decision- e.g. hand washing after using the toilet, etc.

d. Addictive behavior-behavior is reinforced through a biological or

psychological adaptation leading to dependency on a substance. E.g.

smoking, etc.

e. Custom- a group of people share the behavior as part of their culture of a

community of group of people- e.g. tattoo among young people, etc.

f. Tradition- behavior passed down over time by a society; e.g. polygamy, etc.

g. Lifestyle- a collection of behaviors that make up a person’s way of life; e.g.

exercise clothing, eating pattern, etc.


1. Why is behavior hard to change?

2. Which kinds of behavior listed above you would consider easier to change?


3. Which kinds of behavior do you consider to be the biggest public health

problem among ourselves, people we know and care, and communities?

Share some tips on how you would help people caught in the behavior- using

your professional skills.

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