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  • Depending on the type of event(s) you attend, be sure to be aware of whether or not you are able to take notes during the event (Ex: For theatrical productions, it is rude to take notes during the performance; make sure to write everything you need to remember down during both intermission and directly after the show so you have the highest quantity of information you’ll need to refer to). As soon as possible after each event, take notes on everything you remember. These should be simple observations. Don’t worry about gleaning any sense of meaning of interpretation at this stage. Strive to make these observations as specific as possible. Write down anything you feel you would like to refer back to when making your interpretations of the event. The types of observations you record will differ depending on the type of event you attend. These notes will not be posted anywhere, but are a crucial part of the interpretation of the event. Don’t assume you can write your weekly journals effectively without this step. The quality of your work will suffer.
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