HA 510 Discussion Unit 7 2&3



In two different paragraph give your personal opinion to Betty Daniels-Peterson  and  Anita Schultz

 Anita Schultz 

Scenario A

 It is unfortunate that June was deceived into providing protected health information. The first course of action for Barb Simmons to take is to report the incident to the compliance or privacy officer in the company. She may need to put June on a suspension pending investigation until it is clear that her side of the story is the truth. They will need to complete a full investigation and likely report the incident to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The corporate attorney may also need to be involved if lawsuits are threatened. 

Once the investigation is complete and it was determined that June was duped, she will need some education and counseling as well as the rest of the cancer treatment center. Everyone should receive education as soon as possible to prevent further HIPAA breaches. If in fact the DHHS does investigate this situation, it will show them that this facility is taking this situation seriously if they are already actively making changes to ensure this does not happen again.

Scenario B

Morale can falter anytime an employee is involuntarily dismissed. It can create a feeling that “I may be next.” The food service staff are aware that his embezzlement was substantiated and that is why he was terminated. I think it is vital to let the staff know they are not at risk of losing their jobs if they are completing their tasks and following policies. They may need one to one meetings with me to discuss their frustrations and for me to provide reassurance. Usually once the staff get to know the new employee/Dietitian and build new relationships, they let go of the resentment they feel about losing the last Dietitian.

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Betty Daniels-Peterson 

When it come to the different level of Morales, every manager, from the CEO to the supervisor, should be concerned with the level of moral of which is subordinates at as high a level as possible is a key supervisory function. The immediate supervisor in a day-to day is in contact with the employee’s influences and they are determined to the level of moral more than anyone else. This is raising the morals to a high level and sustaining it as a long term project and cannot he achieved; which is solely on the basis of short-term devices such as pep talks or contents. This is what the supervisor will fine that although good moral is slow to develop and difficult to maintain, it can easily change from good to bad.

     One main key to good standards of high morale is this, soon after hiring your employees it is best that they are fully oriented to their new jobs and the department. This is the one of the first introduction to the culture of the department, is where they become part of the family. Another morale that you can introduce is you can retain your employees by teaching them how to do their jobs well, approaching their, input and ideas, a building high morale by keeping them happy. This is the key to keeping an organization functioning at a top notch level. If the Food Service Director of St. Regis, Hospital follow these guide lines, the moral in the department will quickly rejuvenate it self in no time at all. 

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