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Introduction to Physical Science – Week 2 Assignment


Using the textbook, additional listed resources, and you own research, provide complete answers for each question below.  If you use additional resources, include the reference as part of your assignment.

1.  Explain the three differences between longitudinal and transverse waves.

2.  Define the velocity, wavelength, and frequency of a wave and give an example of each.

3.  Define and explain phase as it relates to wave motion.

4.  What would you observe when two light waves meet in phase with one another?

5.  When referring to wave motion, what is the meaning of the expression out of phase?

6.  Explain Thomas Young’s slit experiment and why this changed Newton’s theory of light.

7.  Explain the difference between reflection and refraction.

8.  During a thunderstorm, an observer notes that 10 s elapsed between the lightning flash and the sound of the thunder. What is the approximate distance, in miles, from the observer to the lightning?  Show your calculations.

9.  Explain why FM radio reception may be blocked by buildings.

10.  Describe the difference between a real and a virtual image, and what type of mirror is needed to form real images?

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