Ground water contamination and water pollution effect on local community residing in Nandesari Village, Gujarat, India due to excessive Industrialization.



Using the Environmental Health Risk Assessment framework presented in the second half of this course and an environmental health issue of your choice, provide:

(i) A brief description of environmental health issue (up to 600 words).

(ii) An overview of the nature of the hazard and the potential human health effects which may arise from exposure, as described in the scientific literature (up to 600 words)..
You should outline the strategy you adopted in searching the literature (up to 200 words)

 (iii) How the risk is assessed. (up to 500 words).

(iv) The practicalities of controlling the risk and managing the hazard. Are there gaps in knowledge? What are the risk communication challenges? (up to 600 words).

(v) References. Presented in standard format. e.g. Author, Date.


You should structure the report along the lines of the Risk Paradigm presented in the enHealth EHRA report, i.e. it uses the headings of Issue & Hazard Identification, Exposure Assessment, Risk Characterization, Risk Management and Communication.

The assignment should not exceed 2500 words in length (excluding tables, figures and references).

You should aim for 2000 words.

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