Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming: Post should be at least 300 words APA format



Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming: Correlation, Causation or Merely Spurious reasoning?

Image showing greenhouse gas emissions at a California utility.After reviewing these exemplars of evidence and assessment on GHG  emissions, rising temperatures, and melting polar regions and glaciers,  create an initial response post that addresses the questions below. You  must draw on and cite evidence from the readings in your initial post,  particularly those findings and analyses in official governmental  publications. You should use numeric and/or graphic evidence from these  sources to draw your inferences about what is occurring and what may be  causally related. You should be explicit when you draw logical  inferences from the data presented in the readings, and you should take  care to weigh the evidence you present in your own assessment.In your  review of the official governmental reports from the IPCC, International Energy Agency, and the US National Climate Assessment you assimilated many specific facts and graphs depicting trend lines on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)  and rising temperatures. In addition to these, you read the views of  Bradshaw, Mann, Silverberg, Lemonick, and the World Meteorological  Association preliminary assessment of 2017, while also viewing the  Stephen Schneider abridged talk on the scientific method and relative certainty about climate change and its causes (Links to an external site.).  In the “debate” between the skeptics of human-caused climate change and  the other scientists, Schneider finds "utter distortion," a  "cacophonous fraudulent debate." After reviewing for yourself where the  balance of credibility and evidence lies, you are to assess what may  seem a clear causal relationship but could in fact be correlation or  mere spurious reasoning. For example, rising greenhouse gas emissions  and concentrations seem to cause rising temperatures and melting ice  formations, but the addition of snowfall in the eastern Antarctic complicates a global judgment (Links to an external site.)  that the correlation of warming and melt leads to a conclusion that one  is causing the other and is not merely associated or correlated with  its incidence.

Please respond to the following questions:

  • In your considered opinion, is global warming taking place?
  • Are temperature warming trends and ice melting trends merely correlated with increased GHG emissions and concentrations, or are they caused by the latter?
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