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Assignment 3--Interest Groups

Program-Level Objectives met with this assignment: 

  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Social Responsibility
  • Communication

Course-Level Objectives met with this assignment: 

  • Explain the origin and development of constitutional democracy in the United States.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the federal system.
  • Describe separation of powers and checks and balances in both theory and practice.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the federal government.
  • Evaluate the role of public opinion, interest groups, and political parties in the political system.
  • Describe the rights and responsibilities of citizens
  • Analyze issues and policies in U.S. politics

SLO #3: Interest Groups.  70% of students will successfully research and analyze interest groups in American today, specific to the millennial generation and then create an interest group of his or her choice.  [SLO #3 fulfills the following Program Level Outcomes: Communication, Critical Thinking, Social and Personal Responsibility, as well as the following Course Level Outcomes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8]

Activity for Assessment:

Who's lobbying for Millennial interests?  For this assignment, you are going to research and analyze the impact of the Millennial generation on politics.  Once you have a better understanding of this, you are going to create an interest group that will speak specifically to this generation.  The object of this group is to speak to an issue that impacts many, will motivate, and will ultimately effect change in the political system.  Start by watching this video AND reading this article:

Interest group rules:

1.) Must have a name and a mission

2.) Must have a catchy slogan

3.) Need a plan for getting the attention of the target audience.  

4.) Need a plan for fund-raising and recruitment of paying members  Remember, you will need money to operate and get your voice out there (outside of free social media)

5.) How will you grow your group large enough to get the attention of lawmakers (state or federal)

6.) What will be your ultimate goal? (change in laws or policies, bringing more attention to the issues, growing Millennial constituency, etc)

In your last paragraph of your paper, I want you to tell me what you learned from this exercise.  

**Please feel free to be creative with this assignment.  While I must have a typed paper (in accordance with the assignment guidelines) per the department rules, please exercise some creativity within your paper.  

This assignment must follow MLA guidelines, be typed in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, and be a minimum of 1000 words with a works cited page.  The works cited are not included in the minimum word count. Any sources provided in the assignment prompt MUST be used within your paper and cited in your works cited.  Other sources used must be cited as well.

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