In order to determine public opinion, politicians rely heavily on polling to determine what their voters support.  I will provide you a link to a collection of polls.  I want you to click one of these polls, which will provide to you a report with more details about the poll.  To do this, I want you to click the polling company that polled the state or the country.  It is not enough to just look at the lists of polls of a state or the country, this assignment wants you to go over a specific poll. 

To accomplish this goal, you need to click the poll that interests you.  This will lead you to the poll report.  In this poll, there are break downs of the specific polls.  

For this assignment, I want you to choose a poll that asks a question that interests you.  I want you to write a one  page double spaced paper that describes, in your own words, the information that you learned from the poll.  I want you to make sure that you provide the sample size of the poll that you choose, the margin of error and what those pieces of information means.  I also want you to describe what you think the poll means in determining what the public believes about the issue in question.  Provide a MLA cited entry about the poll that you choose at the end of your page.  

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