Globalization assignment - 3 pillar of sustainable development goal


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3 pillar of the sustainable development goal


Global development goals lead by the United Nations impact sustainability and

development around the world. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) address the

biggest needs of our planet. They include thousands of multi-lateral projects that use

global cooperation to meet our sustainability goals.

For more information, re-visit lesson 3 – Sustainable Development Goals and visit the

SDG website (URL: )

This is a research assignment aimed at finding out more about one of the SDGs and

linking it to the three pillars of sustainability.

Assignment Details:

Use the following guidelines to write a research paper: ( IMPORTANT !!! )

1. Choose and SDG that interests you. State the goal; summarize why it is

important and why you chose it (1 paragraph).(IMPORTANT)

2. Research some of the key work that has gone into that SDG. Look at some of the

projects that have been completed or are underway supporting the goal. What

will happen in the future? Are there any projects or ongoing funding that will

continue to support the goal? Write a summary of your findings (2-4


3. Identify the interrelationships between the SDG you researched and the three

pillars of sustainability (social, environmental and economic sustainability). Use

information from the lesson and external sources to support the information (3-

4 paragraphs).(IMPORTANT)

4. Conclude by exploring how you are personally connected to this issue. Does this

affect your life in any way? What do you/can you do to have a positive impact on

this SDG? (1-2 paragraphs).(IMPORTANT)

Submission Notes:

a) Use a college-approved referencing style such as APA or IEEE. 

b) It is 2 pages assignment

c) Include a title page with standard formatting.

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