global issues essay



-double-spaced, and you should cite at least two separate sources 

- MLA format

 Discuss ways in which globalization helps the growth of global crime. Discuss the two main ways the world has attempted to handle the use of illegal drugs, do you feel one is more efficient than the other? 

Some questions to help you get thinking about the topic are (but not limited to – feel free to expand into other areas as it fits):

 • How has the increase in technology helped fuel the growth of human trafficking/contemporary slavery, cybercrimes and piracy? What technology has helped criminals hide their identities and grow their operations? 

• How has global crime grown over the years? Is the illegal drug problem something that can be handled more effectively? How so? Cite specifics. - Do NOT just state your personal beliefs on this issue. You will need to cite examples which support your claims 

CH.12 talks about global crime  

book: Global Issues 5th Edition, Richard J. Payne. Pearson, 2017. ISBN-13: 9780134202051 

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