geography assignment: Karst & Hydrothermal Processes Assignment



Karst & Hydrothermal Processes Assignment Instructions

Respond to the following two prompts (both A and B) in the form of short paragraphs:

A. Where are karst landscapes located worldwide? Why are they located in those areas? How can human activities influence karst topography? You may want to use specific examples to help answer the questions. Extra Credit Opportunity (optional; worth 2 points) include a map (or other media) to enhance your description. 

B. As you've seen in the video "How the Earth Was Made: Yellowstone", Yellowstone is the world's first national park. There are reasons why Yellowstone is the world's first national park - namely it's unique feature(s). Summarize at least three reasons why Yellowstone is so unique. Note: these were all mentioned in the documentary and Ch. 17 (hint - the animals, vegetation, and weather/climate are not unique to that area, so do not mention these in your response). 

If you include any outside resources, be sure to cite them (including the text chapters) using MLA citation format. Here is a link to the CoA citation page if you are unfamiliar with MLA citation format - 

As always - be sure to use complete sentences and remember this is an academic assignment, not a tweet or text message - proper spelling and punctuation count! Your initial post should be a minimum of 250 words (excluding citations). See the rubric below for specifics on grading criteria. 


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