As you research your topic, I would like you to consider the following questions: 

1) What is the history that has led to our current understanding of the topic you are researching? 

2) Who are the main players involved in this research? 

-In other words, who were the scientists involved in the discovery / major advancements in the history and evolution of the subject (if your topic has any)? 

3) What are the major processes (physical and / or chemical) involved in your topic? 

4) How does your topic affect our world, today? 

-If you are researching a subject involved with deep time, how does it influence our thinking and understanding of our place on this planet, today? 

-If you choose energy and mineral resources, what are their environmental and economic impacts? 

You do not necessarily have to incorporate all of these questions into your writing, but I want them to be a guide for you to use as you research your topic. 

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