Genocide Project



For this project, you will pick one of the genocides listed below and do one of the following assignments.

Conflicts to choose from:  (Try to choose one that you don't already know a lot about!)

Armenian Genocide -

Holocaust - 

Cambodian Genocide - 

Bosnian Genocide - 

Rwandan Genocide - 

Darfur Genocide - 

Options for project:

1) A 5-10 slide PowerPoint presentation giving more detailed information about the genocide. Topics should include the events leading up to the genocide, the timeline of the conflict, the victims and perpetrators, international involvement (if any,) details of the atrocities, the final outcome and any reconciliation that has taken place. You must have at least 2 sources and cite them as references. Make sure that you paraphrase into your PowerPoint and don't cut and paste information directly. Links such as charts, photos, etc. are allowed as long as you credit the sources.


2) A 2-3 page paper about your chosen genocide - EITHER a paper including the same information as above OR specifically looking at the genocide in terms of the '10 Stages' - discussing each stage and how it was (or wasn't) manifested in this specific conflict.  Again, you need to have at 2 referenced sources and no plagiarizing!

NOTE - There are some sources and videos included in the PowerPoint presentation that will help give you a start :) 

Also, here is a list of some movies and documentaries about the conflicts that you could watch (if you want to) for more information (you can use a film as one of your sources, if you'd like.)

Armenia – The Promise; Intent to Destroy; The Cut; They Shall Not Perish

Holocaust – Schindler’s List; Life is Beautiful; Boy in the Striped Pajamas; Son of Saul; The Pianist; The Book Thief; Denial

Cambodia – The Killing Fields; First They Killed my Father; The Missing Picture; Enemies of the People; The Road to Freedom- Year Zero

Rwanda – Hotel Rwanda; Sometimes in April; Beyond the Gates; 100 Days; A Sunday in Kigali; Kinyarwanda

Bosnia – Welcome to Sarajevo; No Man’s Land; The Whistleblower; Days and Hours; Men Don’t Cry; The Abandoned

Darfur – The Devil Came on Horseback; Darfur Now; In a Land Without Law; Facing Sudan; On Our Watch; Sand and Sorrow


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