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On the document below you will find the instructions to write your essay for chapter 2. Remember to write it MLA style, you know, 12 point font, double space, etc. etc. etc. 

More important, stay within task, review the objectives FOR the chapter and stay within those SLO. Do not attempt to write more than what you are asked, do not make up words, stay in the chapter's tenses. I know it would make more sense to write in the preterite or subjunctive BUT, stay focus on the chapter's objectives. 

For this chapter, your minimum writing will be into three paragraphs, the first one, your introduction to the subject, the second one is the argument you present and the third one, your conclusion.

BALANCE: And while I do not want you to write to much more than what you need remember that the minimum work will get you the minimum reward. However, the reward is not on the quantity BUT on the QUALITY!!! Comprenden??? 

Without further ado, check out the pdf file with the actual prompt of the essay.

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