Fwd: Cjhs311 Unit 5 Individual Project. Study of alcohol and abuse

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Assignment Overview

Type:  Individual ProjectUnit:  Care and Community ResourcesPage 4

Assignment Objectives

Describe the continuum of care and community resources and referral.Evaluate the research, theories, and models of alcohol abuse, addiction, prevention and treatment.

Assignment Description

Based on what you have learned about available community resources in Wayne County, New York, and based on your work with Mr. Potts, prepare a report to Supervisor Rexford that identifies the community resources (these can be any combination of treatment, prevention, education, and so on) that you believe would be an appropriate referral for Mr. Potts and his family. For each community resource that you identify, address the following:

  • Specify one resource that you recommend for each family member.
  • What is your goal for each of the Potts family members in terms of referring them to these resources?
  • What impact do you foresee as each family member recovers as a result of these resources?
  • You should also address whether you believe this community lacks any resources for the Potts family to which you would have made a referral if it existed in this county.
  • Provide up to 3 scholarly sources that may include the textbook and other course materials, and cite them using American Psychological Association (APA) style.

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