Future Climate Changes



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  1. Review the following scenario:

    You are an environmental scientist reflecting on the climate changes that have and will occur throughout your lifetime.
    Write a 700- to 1,050-word letter to a colleague describing the environmental conditions that occurred during the last decade and how these conditions will affect future climate changes.

    • 1.Describe the environmental conditions that occurred during the last decade.

    • 2.Speculate about the future climate changes that may occur.

    • 3.Discuss how various aspects of the planet may look 50 years from now. What domino effect may occur because of continuous human impact on the environment?

    • 4.Consider the human connection to hydrologic changes, how global warming will affect the main components of the cryosphere, and the subsequent effects that will cause changes in drylands.

    • 5,Include details concerning what daily living may be like, available foods, effects on animal populations, and cultural changes.

    • *****Cite at least two references.

      ******Format your letter consistent with APA guidelines.

      Submit your assignment.

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