fsmt405 week 2 review questions


Chapter 3

1.  What has typically motivated the establishment of guiding publications?

2.  How are OSHA and NIOSH different?

3.  What is the significance of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to the fire service?

4.  Define regulations, codes, laws, and guides.

5.  List the 11 topical areas in the NFPA 1500 chapter on emergency operations.

6.  What does IDLH stand for?

7.  What responsibility does the ISO have in the use of OSHA’s Title 29 CFR?

8.  Where can the ISO find the consensus acceptable risk management levels for incident operations?

Chapter 4

1.  Explain the reasons that the ISO role should be preplanned.

2.  List four examples of when an automatic ISO response is beneficial.

3.  List four examples of when automatic ISO delegation should take place.

4.  List three methods to get an ISO on scene, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

5.  Explain the authority given to the ISO by NFPA standards.

6.  List four tools that can help the ISO be effective on scene.

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